Services for Filipinos

  • OEC issuance (Overseas Employment Certificate)
  • Help for abused workers: withheld passport or belongings, harassment, hostile or unsafe work environment
  • Assist with labor issues: unpaid wages, illegal termination, illegal deductions
  • Clarifying Canadian employment laws
  • Work permit renewal assistance
  • OWWA membership renewals
  • Free skills training
  • Free informational seminars
  • Connecting to free government-funded resources
  • … and more. Just ask us!

Services for Canadian Employers

  • Application for Temporary Foreign Worker (approval needed by Philippine govt.)
  • Clarifying Philippine laws and regulations, especially the Labor Code
  • Help with temporary Filipino workers who violate their employment contract
  • Clarifying POLO’s role in Provincial Nomination Program regulations
  • Assist with cases of illegal recruiters, illegal agencies, and non-licensed immigration consultants
  • … and more.  Just ask us!